Leadership Development

The basics of leadership are deeply rooted in a person, a combination of their drive and personal traits. This explains why leadership suits you and gives you energy. Successful leaders realize that being a leader is not something you do “on the side” instead, they realize it’s a profession that needs to be developed. They are willing to reflect on themselves and to learn from their experience and failures: to learn what behaviors are effective given a particular situation and person.

We encourage leaders to develop their potential, to experiment with new behavior and to use it in practice. Focusing on cognitive aspects of leadership like “visionary thinking” are important in one sense and not sufficient. It is the combination of cognitive Intelligence (IQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that makes leaders truly successful.
To have real impact, we aim for leaders that “transform” to a new role. They experience the amount of constructive impact they have on people and therefore producing solid business results: increasing margin, employee morale, shareholder approval, etc. Our leadership programs are focused on “letting go of old behaviors” that worked in former roles and “acquiring new behaviors” that drive visible positive outcomes.